Okay, I had enough. Me and my friend's knicks blog (modepunch on blogpsot) didnt catch much steam. Same thing with me genius plan to get fans to unite and boycott the Knicks. I got one more idea to pump some life into this franchise. Bear with me now...

I propose a new Reality TV Show on the New York Knicks. Its just a seed of an idea, but we already started scouting production companies (Boom Baby- Reggie Miller's Company, and also the same guys who produced Bonds on Bonds) I really would like to know what goes on at practice. And I think fans have gave up on looking at the team's performance on the court for entertainment. So I figure cashing in on the reality tv trend would be interesting.

Who wouldnt watch this???? Nate would probably give up his salary for that kind of limelight.

Anyway, maybe just a sitcom would work better. What do you guys think??