Read what Peter Vescey and others have to say: "David Stern wilted...had Isiah in his croos hairs", etc.

Mardy Collins committed a hard but not dirty foul, not a heinous act. Nothing Charles Oakley, Alonzo Mourning, Bill Lambeer or Ed Pinckney did not regularly do.

But the right-wing sports pundits have still not forgiven Isiah for dethroning the Bird era Celtics. They still deny Spike Lee's right to be a prominent basketball fan, just as they deny the right of Palestine to exist as a viable state, and slander Hugo Chavez as a tin-pot dictator when the reality is that a majority of the still-functioning private Venezuela press supported the 2002 coup, as did most of the opposition candidates in the 2006 election (some dictator!!).

Knick fans need to wake up to the subtext of the press hostility to the bonding of the Knicks into a real team. This team still has a long way to go, but not so much on the raw talent road, as on the bonding, on learning how to play together, smarter, more effectively, correcting fundamentals, etc.

Keep this core together and they will get better. Compare the reaction of the press, for example, to the Celtics, who threw away Chauncey Billups and Joe Johnson to keep Antoine Walker - oh but those were white executives. The Knick debacle is about Dolan and Layden, not Isiah.

Has every move Isiah made worked out? No. So what? Some moves work, some don't. At least he had the courage to revamp the team he inherited.

David Lee for example is a still very young player (not even a regular starter yet) who ranks 25th in the league in ESPN's PER statistic. That ranks him as an unheralded superstar by objective standards. And Isiah found him at the 30 spot (in the draft).