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    Default dec 2005 espn article

    bill simmons wrote in his dec 05 article discussing point guards...

    '' and look at the magic and knicks, who rolled the dice and snagged expensive, shoot-first point guards, and are now coming around to the conclusion that, wow, you can't win with a shoot-first point guard.

    soon Stevie and Steph will be available again, and orlando and new york will probably end up trading one for the other, like two sick people swapping bronchitis for a sinus infection. ''

    how wrong was he... no I.Thomas goes big... no bull**** bronchitis, or sinus infection.... he wants full blown pneumonia...

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    pretty interesting how accurate it was, well not really since they're playing together, not agianst each other. still, i see francis leaving ny in the not too distant future, meaning this season

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