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    Default Official Thread for Knick fans who are tired of Isiah

    2 years $8 mil to Vin Baker
    5 years $30 mil to Jerome
    5 years $30 mil to Jeffries

    It just confuses me we spend that much money on subpar bench players. Jefferies is a good defender, and a balanced player with some flaws, but he's not worth that much money. He's a role PLAYER.

    I can't believe we didn't sign Ariza to the MLE, he's doing big things now in Orlando. Instead we sign a career 16 minute per game 30 year old fouling machine to a 5 year deal. Its decisions like that confuses me on what direction we're heading with Isiah. Obviously NO where.

    When I look into more and more, I just think Isiah became GM of the Knicks to improve other franchises.

    With Chicago, he took their garbage in Crawford and Curry. Sign and trades, he traded away expiring contracts, multiple first round players. Sure, we understand Tyrus Thomas isn't 1/5th the talent Curry is, but we gave Chicago the opportunity to improve as a team and sign key free agents such as Ben Wallace. We took their problems and added more bad contracts to our roster.

    Phoneix? Oh man, Isiah should be credited the MVP award. If it wasn't for Thomas, there would be no Nash/D'Antoni. No two peat MVP awards for Steve Nash. You wouldn't see the Suns in the WCF every year. Instead you would see Marbury and Penny burying that franchise with young talents such as Johnson, Barbosa, Amare, Marion not benefiting from the D'Antoni system.

    But no, Isiah had to trade every expiring contract he had and 3 draft picks for two of the worst contracts in the NBA, Marbury and Penny's contract. This open everything up for Phoneix. They get enough cap space to sign their franchise player in Steve Nash, and a key role player in Q-Rich. So we took two players who were on the decline with very little value cause of their contract? They get paid to play like all stars, when they produce below the all star level.

    Orlando? Well, we did them the biggest favor. We took Francis off their hands, we took another bad contract, and another player with little trade value who's on the decline. Steve Francis isn't the Franchise anymore, he's not all star, but yet Isiah has accepted to pay him like one. We gave Orlando a steal in Ariza. Now Ariza is excelling in Orlando, he's been the best foward in Orlando, out playing Hill, Turk, Battie and Darko. A big young suprise for Orlando. Also because of the Francis trade, Arroyo has gotten minutes and helped Orlando's 2nd unit. Now Orlando has a bench with chemistry.

    Even with drafting, he obviously spots talent easily, he has one of the best eyes for talent in the NBA with his history in Toronto drafting Camby, T-Mac, Stoudamire. But as GM of the Knicks, the only great picks he's made were Lee and Ariza. now Ariza is gone. Robinson was drafted over Jarrett Jack. Fyre was drafted over Bynum. Sean May looks superior to Fyre in every possible way. Granger was one of the best wing players to be drafted in 05', we let him go also. I understand not everyone can't have the PERFECT draft, but nothing never goes our side where it benefits us the most. We drafted a 2nd round pick Balkman over a pass first PG in Marcus Williams, hell even Rudy Fernandez who's been great for Portland, and other talents in the draft such as Rajon Rondo. Why can't we ever get the best our of the situation we're in? WE NEED NEW MANAGEMENT.

    I was also displeased with Isiah's deal with the coaches. Brown was totally unprossesional with his job in New York, but I can't believe Isiah invited Brown to town anyway. We obviously lacked defensively players. If you looked at the roster we had, anyone with common sense could of seen Brown and that roster would never see eye to eye. From Chaney to Lenny to Herb to Brown to now can we ever build chemsitry when we had 5 different coaches in the last 3 years? Plus you add that with all the trades Isiah make up, its very confusing trying to find out Isiah's logic and his plan. Now we're the same record as we were last year 13-21.

    I'm not even going to blame ALL OF this on Isiah, I realize Isiah isn't the only guy at the front office, I have beef with Cablevision/Dolan.

    Isiah has had 3 years to get under the salary cap, he had the CHANCE to get under the cap, but he refused to go that direction, instead he went backards.

    Lets look FOWARD, and move to a more positive direction for this franchise, its a new year and I'm all for new management. I've come to admit Isiah's ability for reconizing talent, and his coaching ability to communicate with his players. Isiah's coaching ability is like Herman Edwards, good communicator with his players, but terrible with the x and o's (GO JETS). I'm not trying to bitch here, or cry or however you may look at it, I'm just pointing out whats wrong right now, and it begins with the management, because thats been the main problem the last 3-5 years. We have a talented core group of players, but their value are down because the lack of production due to playing together, their flats are deflated. This makes it harder to trade a Marbury, or a Francis, or a Crawford.

    I'm gonna smoke a blunt, that Kings lost was painful, especially knowing we could of traded Fyre for Artest.
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