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You can excuse Amare, cause he was hurt, but Eddy Curry is inexcuseable even though this is his FIRST time being the focal point on offense. 1 week ago Isiah was by your definition, "A Good Coach". They lose 3 games, and he's an idiot again (Please see the Bozo banner currently being displayed). Good with the bad, youngblood. Yes, Nowitzki is still learning how to rebound. He May be rebounding at 9, but if you watch NBA League Pass, and watched a Dallas game, he rebounds passively. He doesn't fight for tough boards. It seems to be exceptable, that that isn't his game. However, when Curry makes a mistake on offence (most his turnovers are from travelling) it's unexceptable, even though he's only 24, and great centres didn't figure out their footwork till their 30's. That sounds like an unfair double standard. How would you try to stop a half court team? By jacking up shots, or by an effective low post scorer that takes up space. I choose the latter. The Phoenix Suns are the team everyone wants to be during the regular season. BUT, like clockwork the lose in the playoffs. WHY. They can't consistently run a half court offence. For that San Antonio, is eternally grateful. Turnovers are also on the passer. How, if they pass the ball when Eddy is in deep he could catch and score. We have guards that dribble way too much. Eddy has to wait, establish good position and move so he doesn't generate a 3 in the Key. Quicker ball delivery would help him be more effective, as he does not instigate the offense. When Isiah brought Marbury here you like tons of others where estatic. He was a 20 and 8 guy. So, now when that move didn't work out, Isiah's an idiot? Ridiculous. Does anyone here think Isiah brought Marbury here thinking "this will be a great way to lose!" No one normal would. It was idiotic to aquire those players? Those guys got into the playoffs, which seems to be your mandate. As well, turn the page on the following:

Penny Hardaway, Vin Baker and Tim Thomas. We don't pay those guys anymore. At at the end of this year we won't pay Houston, Rose, Anderson, Taylor, and Williams.

No one is content with losing. However, every night some does it! It's a bitch, but that's life in the Real world. Knicks fans are fickle as well, they called for Ewing, Spreewell and Houston's heads as well. With the other Hypethetical trading of Marbury and Francis for longer worse contracts, how do you know this will be the end game? If you can see into the future, I suggest getting the powerball numbers and winning. Just a thought.
Amare is better than Eddy Curry, why are we even comparing these two? You always seem to go off topic, its not even a debate between Curry and Amare. Curry has been in the league longer, and hasn't even made an impact in the NBA. Amare made an impact in the NBA in his 2nd season. Even after one of the most serious injuries in the NBA, he's back at it again. This isn't a comparision, its just you being stupid and just wanting to agrue. Come on man, Eddy Curry and Amare Stoudmire? Whats next, Jamal Crawford and Kobe Bryant? Nate Robinson and Steve Nash? You're not even being a homer, you're just being dumb. There is no reason to compare Amare and Curry.

I've told you son, Isiah is a good player's coach. If you noticed anything, the players seem happy with Isiah, way better than they did with Dick Chaney, Lenny Wilkins, Herb Williams and Larry Brown. Isiah doesn't know how to coach the x and o's. I said Isiah isn't a BAD COACH, he isn't a good coach either. Don't get it twisted, you can't twist my words because I don't pull logic out of my ass like you. I stay on point and consistant. I want the best for my team, and Isiah cannot provide that.

Guy, I've told you, I feel like I'm repeating myself because how you replied didn't say anything. You already said Dirk is "learning" how to rebound". I told you he isn't a banger, but he still manages to get 9 rebounds a game. Dirk rebounds well enough, definately better than Curry, when Curry is always in the paint. I'm not gonna fault Curry though, his rebounding has improved. To say "Dirk is learning how to rebound" makes no sense, and you said again too which is the irony of this. You're going no where with this, you just came out of no where about Dirk's rebounding, when he's top 10 in the NBA every year in rebounding.

Listen, Phoneix just became a good team(Thanks to Thomas), they haven't been around like Dallas or San Antonio. They turned very quickly and advanced to the WCF without Amare. Who knows what they can with Amare now. Its offense, not offence. Amare is a productive half court player, they didn't have Amare last season and it hurt their half court offense.

"We have guards that dribble way too much." Yeh, Isiah acquired those guards. Even when Curry gets quick passes in the post, when he's doubled team he usually always turns it over with an offensive foul or traveling. Curry has been in the league for over 5 years. He's great offensively, he's always been good offensively, but he still can't improve on his flaws of turnovers, defense, and getting beat by his opponents on the boards.

This is possibly the most ignorant thing I ever read on here.

Where did I say I excited about the Marbury trade? You made such an asshead suggestion and guest, its accually the total opposite. I told alot of people Marbury won't save New York, and that Phoneix traded him because he isn't a winning player, and they felt he couldn't be the PG to lead their talented youth.

Ewing, Spreewell and Houston are some of the most respected Knicks in our era, Francis, Marbury and Curry have accomplished nothing in New York. Don't even put those names in the same sentence. You won't make your points like that. We all realize how superior Spree, h20 and Ewing were are compared to the scrubs we have now. Again, you're not being smart.

EXCUSE ME EVERYONE, dr.carpy has officially declared because Curry and Crawford have scored 20 points each against Portland, they should be the face of the New York Knicks franchise for the next 10 years.

It seems like you're always calling out Knick fans, calling us fickle, impatient fans. Sorry if we're not attached to Isiah as you.

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what gm in their rite mind is going to take this large tube of lard???

Heh, you almost feel stupid asking that question too. Thats how I feel replying, I didn't know 31 year old bench scrubs had trade value.