You got me all wrong, my words weren't meant for an was a statement and it stands alone. He's 7 feet tall. He's going to get defensive rebounds. To prove how great his rebounding skills are just look at his game log. Against all the good rebounders...he has a weak rebounding game. It's just that simple...he can't bang and he's not physical so that translates into not being a good rebounder. He averages 9 rebounds a game but again Barkley said it best...they're garbage rebounds. This a whole new aspect of the game folks. He's a great scorer. A great great scorer. But rebounding comes naturally only because he's 7 feet tall and he's a lil more athletic than the average 7 footer. He doens't have the mentality just look at the stats. 7 boards against O Neal...decent I give him his props right there. But let's go from the beginning....4 rebounds against houston? 5 against KG? 6 against Toronto? 2 in Philly? 4 in New Orleans? Rebounders are consistent for the most part. There is no such thing as " I didn't get my rhythm on the boards tonight" or "My rebound game was off tonight". Rebounds are effort stats. I've already beat him up on is offensive rebounding game but then he doesn't even get defensive rebounds on these occasions. Again he gets garbage rebounds. When you're seven feet tall...most of the defensive rebounds will fall in your hand...but against good rebounders the ball just doesn't fall in your hand and this is why he had these poor numbers...for those reasons and he's soft lol.