Ok, so I feel bad even posting this. I am not a Knicks fan, but don't particularly hate them. I'm a die-hard Lakers fan and proud of it, but I can't stand seeing you all suffer like you are. I'm writing to tell you that it is OK to abandon the Knicks!

First off, I am not a fair-weather fan. I'm a die-hard, grow-up-in-the-town-and-own-it fan. I grew up in L.A. and root for the L.A. Kings, Dodgers, Lakers . . . and here is the real proof: I root for the RAIDERS! Even though they thoroughly suck and left L.A., it just isn't right to abandon the home team - NEVER!*

*Unless you root for the poor Knicks. They are in the worst division in the league and barely treading water with a payroll that is, well, disgusting. Just think if the Yankees couldn't even make it over .500!

*It is OK, this one time, call it an amnesty clause, call it the "Alan Houston" rule, call it sanity, leave the Knicks while you still can. They are sad. If teams could admit they've made a mistake with the Houston rule, you can too, now man-up and say good-bye to a team so full of pain and confusion that a Laker fan can't even bare to watch it.

P.S. There is no reason to root for signing C-Webb. For the Knicks to sign a washed-up player who has nothing left in the tank and a huge price tag, I believe he needs to be a guard! Ouch!!! Sorry, but that just makes my side split every time I say it. Sorry, sorry, sorry.