"Crawford/Curry aren't franchise players. They are losing players. They were a losing combo in Chicago, and they are the same thing in New York."

This is a failed attempt to justify a stupid comment. No one ever said Crawford and Curry were franchise players but you did say they were trash. Pathetic! Your best insult is calling some one a monkey. Pathetic! You make a lot of assumptions. Your first incorrect assumption is that I don't watch the games. WRONG. I posted the games are not televised nationally. This is not to say that I don't watch games because I do. Ever heard of TVU player or the NY post or League Pass? Hell, the creator of this site is from Romania. So is he not a knowledgeable fan because he's from over seas? Here's how once again you expose your own ignorance. You say you watch every game but yet you still make a stupid comment about Curry and Crawford being trash players. PATHETIC! What is your excuse for that comment? There is no explanation if you do watch every game. You should know better. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! I've already copped to not knowing every player in the league. This is a point that I pointed out and you chose to jump on, which in its self shows that you are desperate to attack some one that you feel inferior to. I'm a fan but I do have a life outside of all of this. You didn't see me talking about Williams as if I knew him. I admitted to not knowing him like five posts ago. So you've exposed nothing.

More ignorance exposed.

Yet another metro card quote: "They're not even 20 ppg scorers at all also, and they're one of the worst defensively at their position."

Ahhh some one correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Crawford the most improved player of last season? Wasn't that improvement due to his defense and clutch performances? Wasn't Crawford the only shining star of the horrific Larry Brown year? PATHETIC! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

We're talking about NBA fans, INTELLIGENT NBA fans and I'm sorry to say but judging from your posts you are NOT one of them. Reading a stat sheet and walking up right does not make you intelligent. Contrary to what you may believe I do not have any need or desire to prove you wrong. You make it so easy when you post with out thinking.

So according to you people outside of NY don't know about the Knicks. This site has several members from various states and countries and they all follow the this team. As I pointed out before the creator of this site is from Romania. Your post is an insult to all of us but you are to ignorant to even know it so I can't be mad at you. I could never be mad at a retarded kid for wiping his ass bear handed. You've crossed the line so many times and been disrespectful but it was amusing for a while. Now you just sound real stupid. The Knicks suck right now. It's not trendy any where to say I'm a Knicks fans but the real ones stay with them.

You can't question credibility. I thought we covered this already. I've been at odds with damn near every one on this site at some point but there's always been respect. It's real funny. You should know this is funny to us. It's not even serious right now. You debate and have the longest stories then say "Yes! I win!", like a retarded kid or something. LOL Yo I'm going to stop because you might have some real issues right now. LOL I never saw any one post a point then declare victory off gate. Yo you doing the victory dance before coming out the tunnel n ****. Yo you've got to take that act to def jam or bad boys of comedy or something. YO 1 I GOT THIS ONE SON. DON'T EVEN BOTHER RESPONDING. You get ethered every time you come at me and you keep going and going. LOL Yo no more. From this point on you get one line responses. The sad part is that NO ONE takes you seriously. NO ONE. You are the laughing stock of this site! But you won because you said so right?
What did you say? The pain of stupidity? Are you a lil comic book nerd or something? You can't possibly get laid with lines line the pain of stupidity. Yo One read my **** before you respond son. You can't take this clown seriously. I'm having fun right now!