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    Originally Posted by George M.

    You seem upset, being Isiah's pet must be a rough life.

    Originally Posted by dr.carpy

    All that writing to say nothing. Truly you've shown that you know nothing. Your month long responses are simply boring. Dirk is still learning to be effective in the NBA. So is Kobe, AI, TMac, VC, etc. No one, even the great Michael Jordan thought they had it all figured out. Jordan himself said that in an interview. No one every truly masters anything. The variables always change. So although a situation seems the same, somethings about it is always different. My cousin isn't you concern either. You lack insight and intelligence so you resort to name calling and low brow histrionics. You've shown me one thing for certain. You are a complete idiot. You talk about debate. Read your childish responses, and ask yourself where is that considered debating? You ignorance knows no bounds, and you evidence that even morons if they pay tution can walk the halls of a school. Curry is now starting to deal with double teams. He going to start to figure out how to pass. Sorry, that I have money and can afford to go places. (I'm being facetious). The only way you could go anywhere but your barrio is in your miserable dreams. Don't hate cause I have more money than you. It let's everyone realize along with your pathetic posts how mouch of a bitch you are. You're smarter now that 2 NBA alumni (Barkley and Smith, Barkley being on the 50 greatest list). This shows you to be an ass. I speak spanish as well. I get maricon means homo. If that's the best you've got, you truly have nothing. If Not being able to explain myself, means quoting two NBA alumnists who are espoused to the same position I held prior to watching them say what I thought, I guess I'm wrong.

    By the way, I own three Sharp Aquos. I also have NBA TV and NBA League Pass. So I know I watch about 15-20 Games a week. How many do you watch, the one that's free on your stolen cable? Get lost cucaracha. When you have a TV get back to me. Just cause someone opens their mouth or types on their computer doesn't mean anything intelligent will be produced. Metro, thank you for making me correct in this respect indefinetly.
    Just stop it, stop. You're making no sense.

    Instead of "learning". Say improving. Dirk has already learned to be effective in the NBA, its nothing new for him. Same with Kobe and Jordan. Alot of guys know and have learned this. They can gain experience at the same time. But you make it sound like Dirk is a rookie from Canada. Just stop it already, you're going no where and you're running around in circles. Also that has nothing to do with the fact Dirk understands the concept of rebonding. His skills are established. People learn how to rebound in the NBDL, NCAA. Dirk knows how to box out. He isn't the best, but his skills are very polished. No one said Dirk has mastering the art of rebounding. But you said he's learning how to rebound, which is false. Dirk is improving on his rebounding, if you said that you would of been correct and I wouldn't have acknowledge your mistake.

    Originally Posted by dr.carpy
    Dirk Nowitzki is now learning how to rebound.
    You said it as he never knew how to rebound before. You've said nothing in this thread to back up your agruement. You've ran around in circles saying nothing related to this. You've talked about Micheal Jordan, other all stars in the NBA, but you never address your ridiculous statement. If Dirk is NOW learning how to rebound, how did he grab 9 rebounds a game before? To you, Dirk didn't learn how to rebound. It just sounds retarded, stupid. It makes no sense. We could go over this a million times and you will be wrong.

    What you ou can expect from Carpy's post.

    1. His family members. Carpy has probably wrote 5-10 pages atleast about his father's side of the family. By 2008(If he's not banned from this forum), we'll probably get introduced to his mother's side
    2. He's "rich", he works for the "government", he has "everything".
    3. Null ideas like Dirk is NOW learning how to rebound
    4. Frustration
    5. Death threats
    6. His address of middle of no where Canada, when you prove him wrong, he'll challenge you to fly in the middle of no where Canada. Do you realize how many times you could of been reported for internet harassment already? LOL, get it over it man. You're soft as a cupcake, you look like a herb inviting people to meet you up. You sent like a million PM's about this. GET A LIFE.

    Your cousin isn't a concern? Then don't bring her in this thread. No one cares about your personal life, I hope you learn your lesson now. You're mad right now, and no one really cares.

    Look into the first page on this thread. I threw so much facts at you, you said "RIDICULOUS". You couldn't even debate back or disagree with me. All you've done since the first page was throw insults. If you can't hold the debate, then just be quiet. Now you're angry, you brought your cousin in this thread and she got exposed. No one told YOU to speak about your family here.

    What kind of weirdo goes on an internet forum and speaks about their family? I'm not even flaming you, but this is a thread about Isiah's problems. You've turned into Dirk and your cousin. I'm not going to say you have ADD, but lets stay on topic here. If you disagree with my opinion, be more respectful next time. Stop showing SO much frustation. You really seem to take it to the heart.

    Originally Posted by dr.carpy
    Turnovers are also on the passer.
    Remember when you said that? I guess its Marbury's fault if Curry forces an offensive foul. Its sentence like these that make your points null. You result in an outburst and get frustrated. This what you've been doing on these forums, its nothing new. You don't get along with no body and nobody co-signs on your null points. You don't believe me? Look at how you get against 1 and Only, who is also a troll on this forum.

    Originally Posted by dr.carpy
    The 1 and Only: You are truly full of girl flaws. Change your tampon, and get off the bozak. If you don't want a personal reaction, don't say anything that can be taken personally. Again you live to form as the drunk chick poppin off from a distance...TYPICAL!
    Originally Posted by dr.carpy
    6'0 250 Lbs. In Edmonton AB, Canada. Still unafraid. Still here. I'm married by the way. I fought with bigger guys than you. And I've yet to lose. Your a parrot. I write something clever and you echo it back, incoherently. For all your mouth, your height should have gotten you somewhere. Obviously, it hasn't. You bore me. What next you gonna threaten to beat up my bout my dad? Mom? You seemed to have taken this waaay more personal than me. Read your posts. You are SWEET! Just a 6'6. Strawberry. Call me when you get a job as network Admin for your local government. That's what I do. I used to program databases. Now I run the network. So I guess I'm stupid, cause I make six figures. An even in canadian, that probably 3-6x you. Again Edmonton. Alberta. Canada. PM if you want the address. Cause you still come like a chick. Later Venus!!! I'll expect your post in the next 15 seem to be at my beck and call....

    Why do you continue to mention your family members and where you live? This is the problem with you. We can have a basketball discussion, then you outburst and start threatening people and going completely nuts. Take your pills before you post.

    I guess you googled a spanish word, and now you speak Spanish? I could say I watch 15-20 games on NBA TV in this forum anyone can say that. Even if you DID watch 15-20 games on NBA League, it shows no results.

    You have more money than me? Well, its not helping you considering how miserable are you(from how you presented yourself.) You're always angry, frustrated, attacking people here, giving people threats on the forum. You have ISSUES man. If having that much money makes me as depressed as you, I don't want that much money. I'm happy where I'm at life. I don't need to give you my personal info, I'm not that depressed or as crazy as you. I'm very confident in myself and thankful for the life god has given me. I don't need to brag about my money to anyone, I feel good about myself. You obviously think low of yourself if you have to go on the internet telling people your more rich than them to feell better about yourself. But you know what? That doesn't do anything, it just makes your depression longer. So the only person you're hurting here is yourself.
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