He didn't play the first half against the Kings. I'm glad Isiah isn't that stupid and realized he needed to punish Robinson for his immature actions on the court.

I was really disappointed when we drafted Robinson at 21, we had so many better options at that pick. Robinson is what he is. A 5"8 off guard who's a streaky scorer. He's not that good, but he tries to take over games or believes he can play one on five. He also talks ALOT of trash to the refs, veteran and players. Hell, Nate even thinks he's a big boss in the locker room. Remember those bets against Malik Rose and Jerome James?

I rather have Marbury start at PG, and Crawford play back up PG.

Trust me, I completely understand Robinson is a fun player to watch, cause most of us are taller than him, and he does some unreal things on the court, but he has shown he doesn't want to change his image, his attitude or how he plays on the court. He has been very stubborn the past 2 years in the NBA.

Even when I went crazy and pissed off about drafting Robinson, I realized I had to give him a chance and see what he can do here. So far, I haven't been impressed. Theres ALOT of PG's in the NBA who can score 9 points off the bench and pass and defend more. He is replacable, the problem is

Isiah has an ego. When he got here, his first mission was to get rid of everything Layden touched. From Keith Van Horn to Kurt Thomas to Don Chaney, so on an so on. This roster you see now are his GUYS. No matter how terrible they play, I think he's going to stick with them the next 2 years. I don't know if thats a good idea, but I'm not going to predict anything.

Isn't Detroit looking for a back up PG? There a couple of teams in the league who are looking for back up PGs.

Let me make this clear, I would trade Francis and Crawford before I trade Francis. But I really doubt anyone would take the contracts of Francis and Crawford. Francis and Crawford are clearly superior to Robinson, but giving away their contracts would benefit us, and give Marbury more freedom to score the basketball. It will also give Robinson consistant minutes.

So with that being said, I would like to see Nate be traded if Francis and Crawford are going to be on this roster the next couple of years. If Francis or Crawford are gone, I say keep Robinson and hopefully he'll change his ways.

I really want to see Nate suceed in the league and live up to the hype of the 21 pick. He has disappointed me because I had high hopes for him this season. Everything seem to fell apart when he traveled on the open court trying do that fancy dunk.