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They are three teams that are in talks with the Grizz.The only team that JW wanted to mention was the Bulls.

Sources throughout the NBA disclose the 7-foot Gasol, an elite post-up performer, as tough a cover as there is within 15 feet of the rim, suddenly is eminently obtainable. Distressed at management's rebuilding-with-adolescence mood, the 271/2-year-old has asked to be traded to a playoff-positioned ensemble that, of course, would be instantly transformed into a legit title contender.

The offended Grizzlies aim to oblige.

I put this out there with utter certainty. Infallible informers report Grizzlies president Jerry West has explored prospective trade arrangements with at least three teams regarding Gasol. In order to protect my sources, the only one I'm willing to identify for the time being is the Bulls.

That may be enough. Obviously, Gasol's low-dock dealing (averaged 18.5 points on 50.5 field-goal accuracy his first five seasons as a pro before missing most of this season due to foot surgery) is what Chicago's off-shore drilling outfit needs.

The Bulls also own what Memphis wants, namely Luol Deng ($2.6 million) and Ben Gordon ($3.86M). In order to satisfy salary/transaction specs, Chicago would have to include P.J. Brown ($8.56M). I'm told the Grizzlies are prepared to add Hakim Warrick ($1.2M) to a pot that so far does not include draft picks; Gasol currently is on the books for $12.8M and is owed $63M over the next four seasons.

That's as far as the exchange of ideas has progressed, so I'm told. As enthralled as Bulls vice president John Paxson surely must be by the opportunity to fill his team's lone conspicuous cavity, people in the organization claim he won't pull that particular trigger.
Gasol is a very good player and would be a great addition to the Knicks and the Bulls flanking their perspective centers. If I was West, I would want Frye so that I could replace a 7 ft scorer with a 7ft 1st year scorer that is 90% cheaper. Deng and Gordon would make Memphis even smaller than the Knicks. Not saying that Memphis wouldn't make that trade or your sources are inacurate, just saying from my perspective. If I was dumping salary and that player was the caliber of a Gasol, I would want a player that could be his replacement. Deng is a nice, all around player and Gordon is like Crawford; an udersized 2 guard that does not play D and is very streaky.