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Also the Nets already with a great team have a first round draft pick for the 07 Draft. How sweet it is to be a Nets fan!!!
u guys in jersey must have 'great-weed' if u think the nets are a

you are probably the best team in the east... big-deal.. the east sucks, and your team ain't great.. you have no center.. and don't say he is hurt... cause u ain't winning nothing with that yugo in the middle, collins.. is there a worse starting power forward in the league??... granted i guess he plays some "D", but he sux's in every other facite of the game.

kidd/jefferson/carter are not going to take u to the promised land (winning the championship) by themselves this year or any year, they need some help, and u ain;t got help on the present roster, and with j kidd getting older, as is carter, who may opt out of his contract, your guys ain't going no where fast.

u probably do have a better team then we do, but we are taking steps upwards (maybe they are baby steps, but there are steps), while you guys are stagnant, and if u lose carter we will be passing u on the way up next year.

one thing u do have which i wish we had... actually ' i had ' is the soon to be ex mrs j. kidd....