With all the talk of trading for Kobe, KG, Rashard Lewis, Rasheed Wallace, ect., ect., ect., does anybody know what our young guys have been up to? I heard David Lee on WFAN say that he has been taking 1000 jumpshots a day but what about Renaldo Balkman, Mardy Collins and Channing Frye?

Has anyone heard what they are up to? Wasn't Clyde supposed to tutor Mardy Collins? Mardy and Renaldo should be taking 1000 jumpshots a day as well. Someone should be working with Frye on his footwork and defensve skills (i.e. shot-blocking and rebounding).

If our young guys work hard on their weaknesses this offseason, I think we have the potential for a great team. Personally, it would be more rewarding to me if we developed our young guys and became perennial contenders with them, then the "quick-fix" of trading these guys for a super-star.