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    wow, that was amazing

    mad props to jamal

    imagine if he had that shooting touch everynight... sick

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    Crawford's confidence is way up. He needs to start at SG. If he could keep this up we wouldn't need Marbury to score. This proves that a PG is only as good as his team mates. You can't get an assist if you're players can't follow through. Crawford did way more than follow through. I'm interested to see what he does with the rest of the season. I say bench Jefferies and start Richardson in his place along with Crawford and Marbury. This may be a team that can take the Atlantic division.

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    I'd love 2 see the lineup of marbury crawford q rich lee and curry but that wont happen. I cant take this anymore everytime I think the knicks are beginning to fall out of the picture they come up with an impressive victory. I am now a new jersey net fan. .
    Just kidding F*** the Nets, Knicks4Life
    Impressive game last night crawford would had gotten 60 if it was a closer game but now they just gotta beat the bucks which is a winnable game.

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