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    November 7, 2003 -- It was a small step, but at this point, Antonio McDyess will take any sign of progress.
    McDyess, continuing his seemingly neverending recovery from a fractured kneecap, finally practiced with his teammates yesterday and was clearly pleased with the results.

    "This was the first time I've been out there with the team since the injury," McDyess said after he participated in some drills as the Knicks prepared for tonight's game against the Kings at the Garden. "Just having the opportunity was really a confidence builder."

    But, as usual, there was a bit of a conflict between McDyess' take on the situation and head coach Don Chaney's. While both continued to preach patience, it was once again clear that McDyess has a brighter look at the situation than does his coach.

    "There was contact," McDyess said. "We did some 3-on-2 drills, where there's two guys on defense and three on offense and then you switch. But we weren't banging."

    Chaney said earlier that there had been "no contact" with McDyess during the drills.

    "It was the same stuff he was doing by himself, now with teammates," Chaney said. "He's getting there."

    That, they could agree on, especially since the Knicks have three days between games next week.

    "It will be a big step next week to see how [the knee] is," McDyess said.

    Although McDyess said he felt good yesterday, he understands the need for much more practice before he is ready to come back.

    "I'm still in control," said McDyess, adding that he was confident that Chaney had a good read on his status since the coach was now able to watch him more closely. "I'm trying to determine how I feel. Right now, I'm not confident when I step on the court."

    McDyess quickly emphasized that the discomfort wasn't physical and instead was a product of not having played for such an extended period.

    "It was the first time I was out there in a long time," McDyess said. "I've got to get back in the flow with the team."

    Watching the Knicks stumble to another slow start - even their one victory now seems tarnished after Orlando lost on Wednesday to the lowly Bulls - hasn't made sitting any easier.

    "I see points in the game when I say to myself, 'I could be in there to help them,' " McDyess said. "But I have to still be patient."

    Chaney is making sure of that.

    "He's all excited and everyone is excited, but you still have to stay with the program," Chaney said of his reluctance to put McDyess in any 4-on-4 drills. "You don't want to skip steps."

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    McDyess Moving Closer to His Return to Action

    Nov. 6 — A day after being booed off the court for a dispirited 106-90 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, the Knicks had reason to hope.

    Antonio McDyess put his three-time surgically repaired left knee to its most extensive test at practice. For the first time since October 2002, McDyess ran full-court three-on-two drills, even with contact mixed in.

    "It's definitely a big step for me," McDyess said Thursday. "It's the first time to go through this with the team since the injury.

    "It wasn't like banging, banging," he added. "It was just going in the flow, contact if you need it. I don't ever think about my knee or anything. That's a big plus on my part."

    McDyess has endured so many false starts since he first injured the knee on March 3, 2001, that his words are tempered, his smile restrained. But even as he refused to put a timetable on a return, he offered hope to the Knicks, who are struggling at 1-3.

    McDyess said that even after an extensive one-on-one session Tuesday, he felt no soreness Thursday. He said that his wind was improved, and, perhaps most important, that he was not favoring his stronger leg.

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    what's important is not to rush things, i wouldn' stand to see him hurt again, but we already have discussed this, many times.
    Funny.. the more he stays off, the greater our expectations are. IMO, McDyess is the only person who keeps the hope alive in NY

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    Default There should be happy holydays for the knicks

    .. as a mcdyess return is highly probable
    can this be the moment we all been waiting for?

    November 10, 2003 -- CLEVELAND - With the limited amount of practices left this month, the chances of Antonio McDyess making his Knick debut in November are highly doubtful.
    Though McDyess has begun limited practicing with the team and can do contact drills, he still hasn't been cleared to scrimmage. Don Chaney has said McDyess will need "more than a few scrimmages" before he's comfortable playing him in a game.

    With a congested schedule the rest of November that includes three more back-to-back sets, the Knicks will likely hold only six more practices this month. The Knicks do not practice the day after a back-to-back set so yesterday they had a day off here.

    Following tonight's game, the Knicks have three days off but are expected to rest tomorrow. The month's last practice is Nov. 30 with a game the following day at the Garden vs. Detroit Dec. 1 before they embark on a brutal five-game Western trip.

    The Knicks figure to want McDyess to debut at home amid some pomp and circumstance. Can Dec. 1 be Dice's debut? Well, it probably can't be any sooner.


    Center Dikembe Mutombo, benched the entire fourth quarter in both losses to the Bucks because of their small alignment, should figure to be played like a starter tonight.

    The Cavaliers have two big, bullish centers in Zydrunas Ilgauskas and the emerging DeSagana Diop.

    Bulls PG Jamal Crawford, whom GM Scott Layden has inquired about on and off for a year, believes he's going to be dealt after not starting Saturday.

    "The writing's on the wall," Crawford said.

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