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pretty embarrasing but Detroit, San Antonio, Denver have all been embarrassed by them too so i dont feel as bad. but this still sucks, we never reach steam. i hope we make a move at deadline, we have enough talent to...

Channing had 7 rebounds.. he did grab some i guess..
a move at the deadline would be ok... but for who?? who do we give up??

if u consider curry as an untouchable, and the 3 rook's/2 2nd year players keepers (at least for now)... the cupboard is pretty bare..

i agree with your comments last week q-rich's value has dropped due to injuries. so he stays

do we trade jamal??... i dunno... he pretty streaky... will hit 10 in a row, and then miss 8 of the next 10... tough call...

marbury... he is playing good, but with 40m owed, there is no market for him

francis.. has 'zero' trade value..

jerome james... see above francis comments

malik.. two more years after this one will make him a tough trade

jefferies... i dunno if IT will trade him , thus admitting his signing was a mistake. plus if he trades him there is a kicker in his contract making it that more difficult.

bottom line , i don't see us with a lot of 'chips' unless we are willing to dangle, frye, lee and to a lesser extent nate and balkman..