I didnt read any of the articles yet but his is a tough topic. On some nights he's a scoring machine and he has done it agianst decent centers. The 2nd of 3 games against the bobcats he was embarrassed by okafor in the 1st half. in the second half he came out and played big scoring i think between 12 and 18 points. in the most recent game we all know what jake voskuhl did and i dont wanna get into that. He is still inconsistent but he is also averaging 19.5 points and charles barkley said he should be an all star. I honestly dont think so yet becasue of his terrible Defense and inconsistent rebounding. Hes also very prone still to getting his shot blocked. I dont know what to think of him as our franchise center. I know other teams would love to have a center who can score, but id rather have the guy like camby or ben walace blockin shots and reboundin then a center like curry. The question is can curry improve his defense and rebounding? Yes to rebounding and maybe with his defense. Now i wanna see what everyone else thinks cuz this is a question that can go either way as to should curry be an all star or not.