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    Question Mark Why the line-up change?

    Did I miss something?

    Jefferies - Did not play.
    Frye - comes off the bench
    Lee - comes off the bench

    Jerome James STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You mean that Jeffries, Frye or Lee wasn't qaulified to start. I glad for the win, but what does this mean?

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    wanna take a guess... come on just take one
    deadline is still in february right? just tryin to up James low value thats all.
    Jeffries got hurt the other night and Isiah isnt interested in trading Lee or Frye unless its for someone like Garnett (off season). Im sure James surprised boost of defense doesnt hurt as well but then we would just use Cato instead right? its all about upping his value simple as that. try to rid ourselves of him. no worries. I bet you by the time deadline comes hell either be gone or back on the bench. unless he costs a game before that haha
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    my guess, jerome will be at the end of the bench ridin the pine..

    there are two types of g.m's at the trading deadline... one's who are looking for that player who mite put them over the top, and those who want to dump salary..

    i doubt jerome can help any contender, unless u put a burger king under both baskets...

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    jerome played good defense on dwight howard, got 2 blocks in the game

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