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    the worst part about it is that you can't even say **** about the poor officiating cause then u get a huge fine - what a dictatorship...but i was hoping the NY media would at least do isiah the favor of calling out the refs - cause u know Stern has to see the backpage of the ny post everytime he walks into the nba office in nyc...but they didn't even do that
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    I remember back against the Memphis Grizz. 1st game of the season when the refs weren't on the knicks side that was a horrible. I think One team sided refs should get fired

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    Call out the refs if you want but the knicks lost this game due again to their inability to hold a lead and because they committed 22 turnovers. 8 of them by Curry.

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    This is the first time that Curry has been the focal point in his entire career...give the kid a break he'll pan out to be something good (at least). Anyone who is going to be the focal point of an offense is going to have their share of turnovers and if you add the fact that Eddy Curry doesn't have a lot of experience with double teams then your going to get TOs...we just have to face the facts...
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