Since we're approaching the all-star break I thought it would be a good time for everybody to give their first half grades on the players, coaching, and team as a whole.

Marbury- I’ll be the first to admit I'm not much of a Marbury fan but since December he's played extremely well. He's defense has been good and He's been aggressive on offense but not to the point where he hasn't gotten others involved.
Grade B

Crawford- Crawford likes normal has been up and down. He's had is great 4th quarters and of course the 50 point game but his defense and decision making has been awful at many points. Despite all his flaws he's still fairly young and has a knack for making big shots.
Grade C

Q Rich- Q has definitely shown signs this year. He's our best perimeter defender by far and until recently has really been stroking the 3. As of late he's been in shooting slumps but he's also been battling injuries. My only thing with him is he should post up and drive more. He's extremely strong and can post a lot of two guards when he is playing the 2 spot.
Grade B-

Fyre- Disappointing start for Fyre. The first month of the season he was downright awful but since then he's been better, offensively at least. A lot of people bad mouth Curry for not rebounding or playing defense. But Fyre definitely has shown no improvement in either of those areas.
Grade C -

Curry- 19.8 ppg 7 bounds. And that’s counting the first month of the season where he played like the Eddy Curry of the past few seasons. Like it or not guys he's a huge part of our future. He's a big time low post presence who commands a double team. Also as of late he's become better at passing out of the post. When we made this trade we all hoped for numbers like this and now he's producing. The defense and rebounding are obviously nowhere near where we need it but he's still young and getting better.
Grade A-

David Lee- I really don't even have to explain anything about my grade for him but ill give some reasons. He's our best rebounder, hardest worker, and hustles the most and the list goes on. If he can devolve a mid range jumper we're talking about a future all-star for years to come.
Grade- A

Jefferies- what can I say, as of right now he's a bust? He at times has looked completely lost on the court. I knew he wasn’t a great offensive player but he's looked downright pitiful at that end. I'm hoping he can provide us with a defense presence but at this point I'd rather see Balkman take his minutes.
Grade F

James- basically what I said for Jeffries goes for James. Total waste of money. Wouldn't Jackie Butler look wonderful playing 8 min a night right now? The only bright spot is at least he's garnering a few minutes these days.
Grade D -

Nate- I was a big Nate fan but I’ve definitely soured on him. He's just stupid on the court at times and makes stupid plays, fouls, and shots. Last season and early on this year he was at least giving us a spark of the bench, but since the fight his aggressiveness is gone. He's a good 3 shooter but he's much more dangerous when he drives to the basket.
Grade C

Francis- He’s been hurt and its obvious he's nowhere near what he was. Against Utah he played pretty well, but we don't need to be paying this type of money for a backup point guard. Since he's been hurt I won't bother giving him a grade.
Grade- Inc

Balkman- when we drafted him my first reaction was who the **** is he? But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. He hustles, rebounds, plays D, and runs the court. He really has no offense other then dunks and put backs but I’m pretty happy with him.

Cato, Collins, Malik- I really don't have much to say about these guys. Mainly because other then Malik they rarely get minutes. I'd much rather see Cato play then James but I understand the money commitment and why we have to play James over him. I really have no opinion on Collins other then he's a Temple guy who most likely plays good D

And I’ll point it out yet again so Metro doesn't try to give me ****. This grade is on the on the court coaching not his general manger duties. I must tell you I have no complaints with his coaching. Were obviously a much better team and we definitely seem to have a sense of unity. I like how he runs the offense through Curry. My only complaint is on the last second shots. But that may be Crawford’s fault for not penetrating.

The team-

I know we're not contenders and probably won't be legit contenders for a few years. But I'm happy with this team. We've lost plenty of winnable games but you can definitely see improvement. Just think back to last year this time and how un-watchable this team was.