Since there was no game thread for this game I decided to start my own.

I'm extremely proud of how the team played tonight. It was a total team effort. Eddy Curry did his normal solid work in the paint. Marbury had a great 3rd quarter and distributed the ball. Crawford had a big second half and led the team in scoring for the 7th time in our last 9 games and made the great pass to curry to win the game (yea lets go ahead and trade him like many of the posters seem to want). Channing played well and showed some toughness with a nice block shot and a big time put back in the fourth. David Lee did his normal. Jeffries actually contributed by playing some solid D. And lastly Francis had his moments, he’s definitely overpaid and not the same player he once was but since we're stuck with him we might as well gets some solid minutes from him.

It was just a solid overall win we had so many chances to just fold like we have in the past. We got some tough calls from the refs but we just kept playing and got a solid win. And oh yea we've just matched our entire win total from last year by the all-star break. I think that is the definition of progress.