First of all these guys are improving. The second half will start and this is where we will find out what these knicks are made of. If Frye steps up in the second half we will see 41 and 41. There is a whole lot of upside for this guy, Isiah has said he would have taken him # 1 last yr. I've read on here that he should be traded, these persons remind me of Scott Layton. These same people would have traded David D. for Walt Belamy and we wouldn't have any Championships.
Curry has made majoy strides this yr. As he get more comfortable down low he will get even easier baskets. He's learning like the rest of the young players. When they lost to the Nets when that Pot smoker had the tap in over him Isiah said you can get away with certain things at certain points in a game. A little hold or pushout would have done the trick and if these guys learn and execute with experience we will see the first round.