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    Default Knicks way to get Carter

    The knicks need an outside scorer who is a threat. They need Vincanity. They missed the oppurtunity to get him when he was traded from Toronto. They are going to need a third party. That could be Milwaukee.

    Here's the trade:
    Salary Duration
    Knicks Get:
    Vince Carter $15,101,626 3yrs
    Dan Gadzuric $ 5,252,065 5yrs

    Bucks Get:
    Josh Boone $ 1,053,960 2yrs
    Quentin Richardson $ 7,525,500 4yrs

    Nets Get:
    Jamal Crawford $ 7,200,000 5yrs
    Nate Robinson $ 1,185,480 2yrs
    Renaldo Balkman $ 1,191,240 2yrs
    Charlie Villanueva $ 2,537,880 2yrs

    >Knicks get what they want: an outside scorer to compliment Eddy Curry, who has a FG% aroung 46 , an improvement over Crawford's 40%>
    >Bucks get Q-Rich and Boone, a raw young talent, and they get rid of the waste salary they have to pay Gadzuric.
    >The Nets get way more than they should for Vince Carter, they get a big man to put next to Kristic when he comes bakc, that can contribute right away. They also get energy that continue to rock the arena in Nate. and a player who hustles in Balkman. They alsoi get a shooter who is clutch and can take it to the rack.

    What do you think?

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    it woiuld be nice to have vince but i wouldnt be for this trade. i just cant imagine geting a nets player and then seeing him put on a knicks uniform. also this may hinder eddy because he wont be the focal point and i love jamal's game. hes taking better shots and has won so many games for us down the stretch. i think hes become a knick and fan favorite and i would hate to see him leave. i love this team and i hope we dont make any moves this year and try to build from the draft and turn lee and eddy into superstars that will eventually lead us to where we want to be.

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    First of all, I don't know why you'd want to help the Nets, because they get back a lot more talent in this trade then they give up, not to mention getting a lot younger. Second it would never happen, you'll never see a Knick-Net trade of any kind. Why would you send a quality player to a cross town rival?
    Why would we want Vince Carter anyway? Sounds like just what we need, another guy who only plays hard when he feels like it.....

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    why do we need VC again? i dont see a point in getting hes not gonna get any better from now on hes juss gunna get worse and worse as he gets older...we dont need vince carter period
    it's not the mighty ones that are winners, it's the winners that are mighty

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