The knicks need an outside scorer who is a threat. They need Vincanity. They missed the oppurtunity to get him when he was traded from Toronto. They are going to need a third party. That could be Milwaukee.

Here's the trade:
Salary Duration
Knicks Get:
Vince Carter $15,101,626 3yrs
Dan Gadzuric $ 5,252,065 5yrs

Bucks Get:
Josh Boone $ 1,053,960 2yrs
Quentin Richardson $ 7,525,500 4yrs

Nets Get:
Jamal Crawford $ 7,200,000 5yrs
Nate Robinson $ 1,185,480 2yrs
Renaldo Balkman $ 1,191,240 2yrs
Charlie Villanueva $ 2,537,880 2yrs

>Knicks get what they want: an outside scorer to compliment Eddy Curry, who has a FG% aroung 46 , an improvement over Crawford's 40%>
>Bucks get Q-Rich and Boone, a raw young talent, and they get rid of the waste salary they have to pay Gadzuric.
>The Nets get way more than they should for Vince Carter, they get a big man to put next to Kristic when he comes bakc, that can contribute right away. They also get energy that continue to rock the arena in Nate. and a player who hustles in Balkman. They alsoi get a shooter who is clutch and can take it to the rack.

What do you think?