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The Golden State game was different. That was on a rest coast trip after a tough game the night before against Kobe and the Lakers. Plus Golden State runs and runs and runs and scores alot of points, so its understandable that they came out flat in the first half.

Oh, and we will never get all of that on the same night LOL. Crawford with good shot selection? HaHA

yea but golden state was playing w/out baron davis or jason richardson. they shoulda run thru the warriors the same way they shoulda run thru the sixers last nite.

its always the games they think will b n ez win that turns out ugly. a few that come to mind... miami (w/out shaq or d-wade), golden state (w/out baron or j-rich), the sixers (2wice after they traded AI), and charlotte (twice). if they would have came into thoze games with the same mentality as they do against the harder teams then our record would be 30-25. 5 games over .500 and sittin 1st place in the atlantic. if that were the case the playoffs would be a lock right now with sucha ez schedule we have for the rest of the season.