WE HAVE THE BIGGEST COLLECTION OF ROLE PLAYERS, NEW YORK NEED STARS***********For God sake; all we need is one or two more pieces and we're a contender. I do not understand Zeke, he's already exceeded last year's win total, which pretty much means that he's keeping his job, so why is he holding on to this group....I mean, let's be realistic here, this is NEW YORK and he's not going anywhere with these guys, at least not for the next three seasons. So what's his plan???? keep his job this season and lose it the next??????

We have a lot of pawns (Channing, Nate, Francis, jerome and jared) to attract top talent and much needed pieces, for starters: KG, ARTEST, RAY ALLEN, VC come to mind. You add any of these guys to our core group of Stef, Curry, lee, jamal and you get a serious contender. now is the time to make a move, the division/conference is up for grabs...let go get it