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Thread: What Player?

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    Originally Posted by paris401
    gerald wallace can opt out of his contract this summer, or stay for 6m next year. all we can do is a sign and trade...

    do u think that charlotte wants stevie and the 37m owed him??? i don't...
    nate and mardy make 1.2m and 930k, so their salaries don't work.. we would have to include another player. something like a jamal or q-rich to make the trade happen...

    maybe a package of nate and jamal (or qrich) would entice the hornets (??).. i don't know that much about wallace, except that he dropped a lot of point on us in his last game..
    I'm not saying that Charlotte would take those players, or even wants them, I'm just saying that we have alot of PGs.

    And someone mentioned Deng. I love Deng, and if the Knicks could get him that would be tremendous. He is a great young player, lots of athleticism, and is a local kid (played HS ball in Jersey).

    Are their rumors or something that he wants out of Chicago?

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    I mentioned that thanks for reading. I wish there were rumors about that Deng wants out in Chicago I really wish but unfortunately there are none. I think Deng would make a huge contribution to the Knicks team like I said before.

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    Originally Posted by nyKnicks126
    No way thats a horrible trade. Trading Q-Rich or J Crawford nate and mardy for Gerald Wallace! You realise that Gerald Wallace is that good because his on a bad,young team. I hope that you also realise that J Crawford has a higher PPG average. and Q Rich is averaging a higher Rebound per game total,and thanks to Nate Robinson he is actually getting fans into seats because of his athleticism. That trade would drop us down I dont want to see you being a GM of the knicks.

    i don't know how good or bad wallace is... i was commenting on another post of trading wallace for one of our point guards and how it will not work for cap-reasons unless we included another player. if we consider curry as an untouchable, we have few chips left other then qrich and jamal...

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