With the absence of Crawful, Knicks ball movement has been much better. We take less idiotic chances and drive to the basket more.

Despite Francis' game winner, we know his overdribbling, turnovers and chucking is a consistant thing. We're better off offensively without him, Marbury does everything Francis does, but better(expect rebounding).

With the subtraction of Francis and Crawford, the only turnover prone Knick would be Curry, who's the main option anyway. Its a problem, but not bad of a problem. We don't need 3rd and 4th options turning the ball over multiple times every game.

I truely believe in this team, I just hope Isiah uses his brain for once and makes the right decision with the roster.

When everyone gets healthy, except for Crawful, let it be

PG - Marbury
SG - Richardson
SF - Jefferies
PF - Lee
C - Curry


That should be OUR core heading into the playoffs. The best balance of defense and offense is there, and its a less turnover prone rotation.