I was bored and I thought up this question. So here it is; if you could undo one trade or signing since the year 2000 which one would you pick.

I thought about it, and at first I went right the Camby and 1st round pick (Nene) for Mcdyess. And even though I think that trade was a killer I decided the one trade I would undo is.

The Patrick Ewing Trade.

Knicks get Glen Rice and Luc Longley
Sonics get Ewing
And some other players were involved.

Here are my reasons

1. You just can't trade arguable the best player in the history of your franchise. That’s the obvious one

2. We got back Glen Rice and Luc "never played for us" Longley.

But here's where I really think this trade has killed us till this day.

If we don't make this trade we let Ewing finish his career out with us and let his contract expire giving us some cap relief.

So now we have Glen Rice and Luc Longley eating up cap room, and this one bad trade then turns into us acquiring Shandon Anderson & Howard Eisley just to get rid of Glen Rice.

So to wrap it up I really think this one boneheaded move started a spiral of hell for the knicks. But I’m interested to see what you guys would undo if given the chance.