and for who if yes

I really want to know if any wants to trade curry, as he seems to have such a large fan base on this blog.

Ive been sayng all along I want to trade him, and maybe it proved to you tonight that we can win with out him, against a good opposition team as well.

I really think that when curry is on, not much will happen with him than him scoring in the paint. He wont dish the block out, and on defence or shall we say lack of defence i dont see him do alot which is a big problem.

I don't know who I would trade curry for, i know who I want but I just dont think orlando will give Dhoward for him, and with the curry trade i beleive we could get rid of francis, but orlando would definetely say no if this were the case.

I think a trade for okafor or even jefferson (look at his numbers before you shut me down). What do u think.