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Yo quit messin with george M.
He's a good dude whos been a fan longer then most of us
Onnly metro can go at him but anyone else I got Georges back

Back to the Knicks.....If there was any way we cold get josh smith from atlanta I would do it. He is one of my favorite players. Hes a shot blocking and rebounding machine. I would even give givin up lee some thought, thats how good josh smith is. Hes quietly takin over the league. I saw he got 25 pts, 15 rbs, and 5 blcks the other night i think against miami. I'd put him up there with lebron, d wade and whoever else as one of the best players in the league below 24 years of age.
i would love josh smith here but damn another bad FT shooter, F*ck it, i'll still do it