1. Pound it into Curry. Doesnt matter if hes triple teamed force the ball in there anyway. Leads to 5-10 turnovers a game.
2. Crawford freelance. Stutterstep, Crossover, launch 20 foot fadeaway. Leads to some nasty FG nights of 4-22 for example.
3. Marbury freelance. Marbury control all game gun away for 40. Interestingly when he does this its at a very high percentage. Unfortunately this means the entire team is frozen out so if he cant do it himself then we lose.
4. Frye pump fake 18 foot jump shot on the right high block. What is it with this play that sucks so bad? It just reeks of soft. It will go in a few times then it wont. Its very kurt thomas like where if the shot is there, great, if not, hes useless.
5. Francis chicken head cut off routine. Pound the ball for 22 seconds and either launch a disgusting shot or whip the ball at a teammate as the shot clock expires.
6. Malik Rose post up or deep jump shot (can I just throw up?)
7. Jerome James featured in the post (sadly, when he does this, it actually looks good. Is this because everything else looks so damn BAD?)
8. Jared Jeffries offensive juggernaut. Oh god I cant take this anymore when this guy goes off on his own and either launches a deep shot with no chance or goes in and bricks a layup against a 6' tall guard.

Have I left anything out!?!? Oh yeah, QRich deep uncontested shot. Of course I cant remember the last time he played so.... oh and the Balkman breakaway fast break off a turnover. Thats not really an offensive play though.