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    Default 2 more years for Milos

    Here's another dose of doom and gloom for the Knicks.
    The agent of Milos Vujanic said the Serbian point guard will make a 10-day visit to New York in June to check out the Garden, the Knicks' state-of-the-art training facility in Greenburgh and houses in Westchester.

    However, the desperate Knicks will need to make a compelling recruiting pitch because agent Goran Ristanovic also told The Post in an exclusive phone interview from Serbia, his client is leaning toward playing two full seasons for Italy's Skipper Bologna.

    Vujanic, whom the Knicks drafted in the second round in 2002, has a two-year contract with Skipper Bologna but can opt out after this season. He's played eight games with his Italian club, the team is 8-0 and he's averaging 24 points per game.

    A gold-medal winner at the World Championships 15 months ago, Vujanic offers a tiny ray of hope for the hopeless Knicks (3-8 ), who face the Eastern Conference finalist Pistons tonight in Auburn Hills without Keith Van Horn (sprained ankle).

    "I think it will be after the second season," Ristanovic said. "But we will see. He's playing very, very [well] in Italy. He wants to stay in Italy two years and then after that, go to New York. It may be very important playing two more years to be prepared for the New York Knicks 100 percent."

    If Vujanic does not join the Knicks next season, it would be a blow, unless GM Scott Layden can pull off a trade for an elite point guard. Nick Van Exel and Chicago's Jamal Crawford are two players whom he's tried to obtain via trade for nearly two years.

    Layden said yesterday he's hopeful Vujanic will play here next season.

    "He's doing very well and we're trying to get him here as soon as possible," said Layden, who will head to Italy this winter. "And I think he wants to be here."

    Scouts consider the 6-2 Vujanic a sweet-shooting guard who excels in transition because of his open-court passing game. However, Vujanic, who turned 23 Monday, is not very strong and could be a defensive liability.

    Countryman Vlade Divac of the Kings said recently he's surprised Vujanic didn't come this season but expects him to be here next year, feeling he could start with the club immediately. Don Chaney said last April he thought Vujanic could start here, too.

    Ristanovic said Vujanic won't make his final decision until after the season, after his big trip to New York after the Italian League playoffs in June. Even if he doesn't join the team next season, Ristanovic said there's a chance he still will play for the Knicks during the Boston summer league.

    "We hear New York has a beautiful practice center where a young player can work out a lot, but we've only heard about it from Scott Layden and Jeff Nix," Ristanovic said.

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    is it something that i didn't get right or vujanic doesn't want to play for NY?

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    this is hust his agent talking, not milos.
    i really believe he'll be a NYK next season, but if he won't we could trade him for crawford

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    aw.. please don't make us wait another season!
    isn't this the greatest dream of a basketball player? to play in the NBA? well, if this isn't your dream, then be my guest and stay in europe. you can be a star there...

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