For some reason i got a bad feeling that Renaldo Balkman could be a player that we package with some other stuff in the offseason in a trade. I dont know why i feel that way but i kinda think Isiah is gonna try to do something to better the roster one way or the other and i could definetly see teams interested in Renaldo. Isiah could figure he has a player like him already in David Lee and could move him. But i really think Renaldo could turn out to be another David Lee. This guy can flat out board. He plays better defense then David Lee and has alot of qualities this team has been missing since the 90's he has heart and hustle like Oakley and i kinda like how he can grab a board and push the ball up the court like Mason. The thing i also like about that is that he is always looking to push the ball up the court but if nothing is there he dont force it, he will pull up and get the ball back to the guards.

I just really feel that this guy is a true knicks type of player. I really cant wait to see how much better he gets next year. I really wouldnt be suprised if he progresses like David Lee did i mean look at his statline last night 17 points 16 boards that is a David Lee statline. I would even rather have Balkman more the Frye or Nate.

In conclusion Isiah please keep the B-Man!!!

Eddie Curry, David Lee, Jamal Crawford, and Renaldo Balkman should be 4 untouchables!!!