No "homers" or "haters"

Well, we're 31-44. I guess its better than 23 wins. Just sucks Chicago has our draft pick again this year, makes me think if Curry was worth it all.

The first point I want to make is I believe individual efforts do not become winning basketball. That is what people do not get. they are grasping at any good game from a young player as if its going to translate to wins next year. We need some kind of infussion , major changes, something. Maybe a new coach.

Secondly, we should realize by now that Collins and Balkman can play. Mardy Collins is already the best decision maker on this team arguably, he knows where the ball should go, always under control and composed, and he's been able to get to the basket, he looks just infinitely more confident by each game. Balkman's energy reminds me of Sprewell's, though are very different players

Curry has 33 turn overs over 6 games. That's 5.5 TOs per game. 16 over the last 2 games...I like Curry's ability to score, but I can't see us winning games with Eddy as the primary option. He gives up too many posessions offensively and defensively. I mean, if Curry was averaging 27 points per game on 4 turnovers a game, I wouldn't have a problem with him. But its 18 points per game in alot of minutes, and he's among the league leaders in TO's, you feel me? Not a good sign. I hope Curry works on passing out of double teams. It would really improve our offense so much, thats what I'm looking foward to next season...hopefully it works out.

The last topic I want to topic about is our starters Frye and Jefferies. Jeff was brought here to be a defensive stopper. But I don't know how many times Jaric was left wide open. Jefferies is poor offensively, and average at best defensively. I don't know what Jefferies is better at than Balkman. I haven't seen it, so I don't know why he's starting over Balkman, especially when our season is over. Atleast give the kid starter experience. suppose to be a jumpshooter...but he isn't hitting his shots. Just like how Jefferies is suppose to be a defender, but doesn't defend well.

Well, share your points here...