Originally, I was gona write a 5 page essay that pretty much said "I TOLD ALL OF YOU FOOLS MONTHS AGO!", but I figured its better to keep things chill and open up the floor to all fans (pro and anti- status quo).

Lets get it straight, I'm anti-status quo. I know theres been glimmers of hope, but simply said, I am not happy about this season.

At the end of the day, it comes to this:
The current Eastern Conf, is the worst in NBA History. Before the season even started, the Knicks were a lock to win 10-15 games more than last year- so there record doesnt mean a damn thing to me. To be 15 games under .500 in such a weak division is NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF!

Morale victories don't count in my book- maybe it does for some of you guys, but not me. My 94-99 era Knicks would be ashamed to be anything less than 10 games over .500, and you all should be to.

So if the goal this season was "significant progress"- then NO. I don't see enough to warrant any extension of the current status quo.

I'm not seduced enough by Eddy Curry and David Lee's development, Stephon playing well down the stretch, and anything else.

Face it, as fans, The Knicks have failed us. They have let us down for the 6th year in a row.

I work in the corporate world and know a thing or to about ROI. So if us as fans are looked upon as "customers"- then you have every right to feel that the product sold to you should be returned.
If you look at us fans as "investors"- then you have every right to feel that your product is a failure

So has Zeke showed us "Significant Progress"???? NOPE! We still suck