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    Question Mark Jeff Van Gundy???

    Sounds like Van Gundy and the Rockets will be parting ways after another disapointing first round loss. Most of us around here would be happy just to make the playoffs. Sounds like a marriage or reunion made in heaven in my book. I am not convinced Isiah is a good bench coach, but we all know Van Gundy is. Van Gundy knows how to coach and run an offense through the big men and coaches great defense also, which seems to be the Knicks major flaw: interior defense. I would love to see Isiah off the bench and out of sight and have a real game coach back on the bench. What do you guys think????

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    I love Van Gundy...I really do, but this is almost similar to the LB situation. Our roster is not built to run an ironclad defense. Marbury can play D and Jeffries can play D. Balkman and Lee makes effort plays but have little experience in defense and the rest of the roster goes without saying. Defense is 90% mental and the thing that clogs up that space is "how many points can I score?" But maybe I'm wrong...maybe Van Gundy can come here and change that mentality. But if he does come back which I highly doubt, then he'll hurt our offense a little bit because he runs a strict half-court offense. It will definitely be interesting...
    Stay Tuned.....

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