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    Good assessment...some are pretty far fetched but I'm only saying that to add a drop of realism to my dream. But I do hope your prediction comes true...
    Stay Tuned.....

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    Originally Posted by FameMos
    Marbury-U'll see the same thing from this season he'll probably work on him Post Entry passes (I hope) and FT shooting.
    Crawford-Higher FG Pct. 4-5ast per. 85Pct FT, poor D (but with more effort) and a lot more alley oops to Curry. And I WISH HE WOULD TAKE IT 2 THE HOLE MORE SO HE CAN GO TO THE LINE AND KICK IT OUT. AND PLEASE STOP DOING THE SAME THING @ THE END OF GAMES.
    QRich-PLEASE find a way 2 stay healthy. I think he's gonna have a down yr. like last season when Brown was coaching.
    Frye- He's gonna have a season like his rookie season or better if he gets the playing time. If he starts, I believe he'll avg 17-19pts, 10.7 rebs and 1.2 blks per.
    Curry-He'll be an All Star (25pts, 9rebs, .8blks) He's gonna be the most dominate inside scorer in the NBA (UNSTOPPABLE IN THE POST) but defensive #'s will still be pretty poor (but better).
    Francis- Same from this yr
    Robinson-More from this yr but more effort on defense
    Collins- GREAT back-up PG next season.
    Balkman-Better decisions, and ball handling. 67-68pct FT, same poor FG shooting from last yr, and he'll be our best defensive player next yr.
    Lee- Same as last yr wit a decent 15 ft jumper 77pct FT(11pts 13 rebs)
    Jefferies-will be better on both sides of the ball. U'll see better defense but not exactly what Isaiah expected when he signed him.
    James- He'll continue 2 get into foul trouble but he'll have more minutes and he'll do sum things when he's on the floor.
    I like your optimism... but I don't think we'll be THAT good...

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