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In a recent interview with La Opinion, Fernando Vargas said that he wants to fight Miguel Cotto. After watching Cotto's victory over Judah, Vargas said that he feels inspired to fight for redemption because of his loss to Puerto Rican Felix Trinidad. Vargas went on to say that a victory over Cotto would make him very happy, and he would hope that Mexican boxing fans would forgive his loss to Trinidad. Vargas also said, "It all depends on how I feel after the Mayorga fight, of course I have to win to have any future in this sport.

LOL ^ FAT BOY, could barely make it to 154.

I think Cotto will move to 154 eventually, but I think it's still too early. He should stay at 147 for a while and take it over. After he becomes the undisputed, then would be a perfect time to move up, but I think 154 will be his downfall. Too short with his hands being too short aswell.