Something has really been bothering me about this draft (outside of the fact that the Knicks are not in the lottery). Everyone seems to think that Oden is a sure thing and that he will without question be better than Durant. How can you pass up a big man that all but guarantees wins?

7'0"... 280 (closer to 250 according to reports)
15.3 ppg, 9.4 rbpg, 3.6 bspg, 62% FG, 18 games played

6'9"... 225
24.9 ppg, 11.4 rbpg, 1.8 bspg, 49% FG, 25 games played

This reminds me of the Jordan/Olajuwan 84 draft. Both were supremely talented and both brought multiple rings to their teams, but Jordan had a will that was undeniable, beating better teams (Knicks, Sonics, Blazers, Lakers) en route to 6 rings. And Olajuwan squandered championship opportunities his first 10 years in the league (the twin towers got to the finals and conference finals repeatedly, only to flame out) before the Knicks gave him a present in 94 (thanks a lot starks). And the Suns in 95 (thanks for blowing the 3-1 lead Chuck).

I think Durant could potentially change the game like few before him (think garnet, dirk, kirelenko, marion) and would make Portland a better team right away. Remember Portland already has LaMarcus Aldridge and Zach Randolph down low, so they don't NEED a center. They DO need a small forward. If they can add durant to that squad, they'd be sick:

jared jack, brandon roy, durant, randolph, aldridge
that team could contend/dominate the West for years

The Sonics would then draft Oden, since they need a 5, thereby setting up a nice 10+ year rivalry (assuming both teams keep their key pieces) between Por and Sea.

Of course, if they do draft Oden, they could trade Randolph away for a small (Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, Gerald Wallace) and keep their team in tact. But think back to 84... knowing then what you know now... who would you have taken?

Don't get me wrong, I think Oden is gonna be a monster, but people seem to be overlooking Durant a bit too much. Then again, I did think Carmelo might have been a better option for the top pick than Lebron AND I thought Orlando should have drafted Okafor. Not a good track record I suppose, but I gotta get one of these right someday...