This is a great article. The NBA has created a league where the only eople really watching the games are true fans of the sports and the fans of teams that are in the games. I have been perplexed by this "Charging" rule for some time now. I can not believe that some people are now considering that "move" a real defensive display. It's a bush league play but the NBA continues to have their refs go out aand call this play. Does one really have to be skilled in playing ball to know how to run in front of someone while he is making his move.
I grew up watching the NBA during the early 80s and forward, i remember wht real rivalries were. i remember what real defensive struggles were, i remember how bird and jordan(even though i never liked them personally as a knick fan), would use hard fouls and taunts to punish teams. I remember a time when Oak was on the team, and John Wallace was a rookie on the team, Wallace committed a hard foul on someone and attempted to help him up, I remember Oak racing towards Wallace and pushing hm out the way to prevent him from helping up the person he fouled. I never saw that as being unsportsmanlike, I saw it as Oak trying to teach the young buck a lesson on how the game was to be played. That should know that coming into the lane, you are going to pay a price. Mind you, it wasn't a clothesline or anything of the sort, just a hard foul which the nba for whatever reason has now outlawed. The NBA has made the league too soft, i can understand some of the rule changes, but when you start effected the way the games are suppose to be played then it begins 2 get disappointing. With all the hard nose rough defense the pistons and the knicks played in the lte 80s early 90s, the only real altercations happened when they played their rivals (BULLS(knicks & pistons) CELTICS HEAT PACERS) and i would argue that those altercations happened moreso because of the rivalary and intensity of the matchups more than the actual rough play. and that is the nature of the game. this get heated, emotions get in the way sometimes, things happen, and then guess what, after all that passes, you go and play more basketball.
This NBA has lost their way in regards of the way ball is supposed to be played..

Just my opinon