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Taking a charge is a good defensive maneuver... if a guy is attacking the rim by trying to run over someone who beat him to a spot... then by all means take the charge... but flopping is unforgivable... getting infront of a guy... waiting for incidental contact and dropping yourself like you got bumrushed by LT... that's some bulls***...

And Nash has two fraudulent MVP awards already... we don't need to add to his trophy case anymore until he proves he is an all time great... IMO... Shaq or Duncan should have won the first... and Kobe should have won the second... with Nash winning this year (18 and 10)... but there is no way you should win 3 consecutive MVPs when your team doesn't win sh***... blame injuries... blame league rules... Nash hasn't even made it out of his conference yet... but we're putting him up there with all time greats...

Scott Skiles, Mark Price, John Stockton were all capable of doing what Nash does... but also played in a league where going to the hole equaled a rough crash to the hardwood... where handchecking was legal... and where teams would grab claw and scratch there way to championships... if Nash played in a different era... he'd be done...
So? Shaq had many chances to win MVP, basically every year he played. He does deserve more, and you can make an agruement for Shaq, but lets not take credit away from Nash.

IF he was in a different, but he wasn't, so throw that thought out the window.

As good as Marion, Stoudemire, Barbosa, Diaw, and Bell are, that team just isn't the same without Nash running the point, period.

In his first year
He led the league in assists (11.1)
Was one of the most efficent shooters in the league
He returned to the Suns and they led the league in per game scoring (110) — a 16-point per game improvement over the previous season.
He returned and the Suns went from a 29-53 losing season to a 62-20 winning record, which led the league.

In 2004-05 Nash averaged 15.5 points, 11.5 assists, 3.3 turnovers and shot 50.2 percent from the field, 88.7 percent from the foul line and 43.1 percent from beyond the arc.

Last season he averaged 18.8 points, 10.5 assists, 3.5 turnovers and shot 51.2 percent from the field, 92.1 percent from the foul line and 43.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Of the three seasons, he is averaging more points and assists and shooting a higher percentage from the field and from three-point range this year.

This season Nash had his best season, which could adds to the fact he got MVP votes this year. I still say Lebron, Duncan, then Nash are my top 3 MVP's.

This isn't to you, but in GENERAL And people get so MAD at Nash when he won two MVP's in a row, and other ledgends in the NBA didn't. Who gives a ****? No one is saying Nash is better than those guys, stop being haters and taking credit away from the Canadian Kid.