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    Originally Posted by The 1 and Only
    Son...I never put my age, location or anything in my profile in the first place so how did you imagine the number 17 in my profile. Face are a kid...I am a man. This subject is not arguable, I know my age...I don't have to let the whole world know what I'm doing when I'm doing it like you do. It's kinda sad lose every part of the argument so now you're trying to argue my age? Let's keep it simple...when you lose an argument, you just lose... quit trying to go personal. I refuse to go back to that point...I thought you learned by now but obviously you didn't. The rest of your argument is garbage and I've proven my points. Just go read my posts a lil harder, I'm sure you'll find the answer. Other than that...God bless you.

    Anyways...the flops have to's violating the game. I don't care if the dude is black, white, puerto rican, moon martian, violates the game. Yes the game is changing but I don't know about most of you people...but I want the game of basketball to change for the better not for the worst. And yes...flopping is making the game worse... uncertain...all...the...time.

    Dude, why would I make that up? You had in your profile you were some 17 year old church boy from West Virginia, not even NYC. Now you cleared your profile after I mention this a long time ago. Its nothing to be ashamed of. You use to text like a little e-thug on here before you met me. You don't have to change yourself infront of @ lying about the ages now. You failed countless times to prove your this. People who type like that don't have a ****ing clue what they're saying. Make some firm statements that are informational and logical dude...why would I agree with bull****? **** that.

    LOL...chill out there reverend, you said "god bless you" ahahahahahaha, mad funny yo.

    BTW, you didn't even reply to my post about flopping, you just regurtitated your bull**** and spewed it at the computer, THEN REPLY...don't restate what you said earlier.
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