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sometimes i think you like arguing more than debating though... the last part of your argument was good and mostly true... but it still doesn't mean that flopping isn't bringing down the overall quality of the game... so does ****ty officiating and ****ty rules... and for real... read The 1 and Only's response to the Nash MVP debate... here are the back to back MVPs in nba history:

Steve Nash (2004 & 2006)
Tim Duncan (2002 and 2003)
Michael Jordan (1991 and 1992)
Magic Johnson (1989 and 1990)
Larry Bird (1984-86)
Moses Malone (1982-83)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1976 and 1977, 1971 and 1972)
Wilt Chamberlain (1967-68)
Bill Russell (1961-63)

you can argue opinions but facts are facts... the greatest players of their eras... the back to back MVPs... are legends that won when it mattered the most... in the finals... the nba doesn't admit it... writers hate admitting it... but with rings come multiple awards... period... nash is the ONLY guy on that list to never make it out of his conference... therefore his MVPs are fraudulent... hopefully... you can argue the substance of someone's words... and not disagree to show how well you can disagree... it just lessens the power of your other arguments my dude... you can do better than that...
Atleast Shai admits to good post(100% of my post).
Show me where he said he agreed to 100% of your post LOL. You really need to quit making stuff up.

With that I don't really have to type much LOL. ShairanXIII basically just reiterated what I've been saying all along. Like what I said Nash is a good player but he's not a great and with those two MVPs they are inflating the value of the MVP. The current state of MVPs, with Nash and Nowitski being the two latest winners respectively, are falling because these MVPs aren't MVPs...they are just good players on good teams. Dirk can't take over a game like an MVP should neither can Nash. Jason Kidd can, Lebron can, AI, Tim Duncan, KG, and Shaq. AI, Duncan, and Shaq have won this honor and the rest haven't. You think I compare Nash to the early greats? Then you aren't reading my posts, you are only generalizing it and should read it more thoroughly. When you win 2 MVPs (consecutively)...you are automatically putting him above everybody else. That's just the way it is. And no Nash doesn't deserve it because he didn't make it to the championship...he doesn't deserve it because Duncan and Lebron are more deserving. You take Duncan and Lebron off their teams...they don't get a championship ring...period.