My son, I'm glad you finally learned in skill posting.' agrument. You listen and learned well. Glad I can contribute to your life.

My list is based on overall team value. Not who's the most amazing, or most talented.

1. Duncan
2. Lebron
3. KG
4. Kidd
5. Nash

If you're gonna put Kidd top 5, you might as well put Nash. Lets stop being bias here. Nash and Kidd are rare NBA PG's, and the two PG's that come closest to these guys are Deron Williams and Chris Paul, who aren't even on their level yet, but will be.

Stats in the playoffs don't mean everything. Not only Nash has been consistantly better than Baron Davis the last 3 years, Nash has improved each season and is bound to continue improving his stats. So Nash's name will always be in the MVP discussions. Plus, I don't like a guy who chucks 300 Three Point shots a season, and only shoots 30% from the FG, ew.

You talk so much about winning, etc...but you put T'Mac ahead of Nash now? Nash has won more playoff games now than T'Mac will ever win in his career. His explosiveness, fell off, but his man defense has improved. I like T'Mac, but I would never rank him ahead of Nash right now. The last time T'Mac face the Pistons he was in Orlando. That was years

Shaq in the past, yes. But that isn't the agruement, we're talking about right now. Shaq is getting old and is on the decline. Plus the injuries and plus the fact he didn't play most of the season. Shaq is top 10, but not ahead of Nash.

Dwayne Wade, Shaq, Kobe, KG, AI, T'Mac are all home too, cause they're home means they can't take over games? Stop being so monkey minded.

Find me a PG in the NBA who

averages a double double

Shoots 50% 40% from 3pt and almost 90% from the FT.

Nash averages 18 ppg, he doesn't score 30 ppg, but 18 is still great.

You say Nash can't dominate games? Well your wrong once again.

Nash drops 42 on Jason Kidd (the best defensive PG in the NBA)

Phoneix won that game too. Nash dominates game with his ability to use the pick and roll. Break down the defense. Consistantly giving his teammates opportunities for high percentage shots which leads to the Sun's sucess in the regular season. If you never seen Nash dominate, then you prove once again you don't watch NBA basketball.

Nash is great in the playoffs too. He averaged 19 ppg 13.3 assist with 48% 3pt. If that doesn't help you team, I don't know what else anyone in the NBA can do. Since you brought up ledgends before, tot even Stockon's playoff numbers can compare to Nash in the playoff, and Stockon is one of the greatest PG's ever.

Your agruement went no where. You from believing Nash was not deserving of the MVP to the point he deserved the MVP. The agruement is over, you haven't spit any facts in the last 3-4 post of yours. You just don't like Nash being consider a MVP thats okay, thats your monkey-minded opinion, not a fact. Its okay though, its nice to see you admit your wrong (about time). Aha, it must pains you to see Nash in the MVP discussion every year, I love it.