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    Default Isiah Looking To Trade For A Superstar

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    This Kobe Bryant Trade issue through a BIG wrench into every NBA team plans for the offseason. KG was a 30% maybe of getting trade this offseason but when Kobe entered the Trade picture the KG, J.O'Neal, Lewis, Artest, and the Boston Celtics top scorer could change the league around in a multiple trade this offseason, especially if one of the 3 top draft picks are included in any of these big players trade.

    As for the Knicks and there sorry 33 WIN Season (for no reason at all) other than the tactics of President/Coach Isiah Thomas Saving-Face.

    The Knicks happen to have their first round pick already before the draft in Randolph Morris thanks to Isiah eyes for young talent. The Knicks 23rd pick and what Isiah do with it is a mystery?
    I believe the Knicks have a great roster of young talented players that like to play together if their Head-Coach could get Marbury to compliment Curry talent, and Curry to compliment Marbury talent, somewhat like we been seeing in all of the Championship Spurs Post Season presence in the "Duncan & Parker" Tandem. The Knicks would do well next season if they shorten their rotation giving alot of their young players playingtime together just to build a playoff team. Then in the 2008 offseason the knicks could look for the missing puzzle player to a sound "JELLIN" rotation.

    How many players on the Knicks roster compliment their teammates other than young players Lee, Balkman, and Collins, whom was all in the Knicks Offseason Summer League team wishing for a top scorer other than just Nate Robinson, whom had the PG-assist duties of seeing what all the summer tryouts could do on offense?
    This past 2006-7 season the TWO-Players that started every Knick game they played and average over 30 MPG need to be question by the Fans:
    1) Does Marbury talents compliment Curry talents?
    2) Does Curry talents compliment Marbury talents?

    What do you think???

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    not yet... give 2 more years...

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