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    Question Mark [NY Post] Profane Video Latest Blemish For Kobe

    Knicks coach/president Isiah Thomas yesterday reiterated his interest in disgruntled Kobe Bryant - whose rift with the Lakers may widen with the possible release later this week of a video of the Los Angeles star ripping team management.

    Over the weekend Bryant strengthened his demands during a meeting with Lakers owner Jerry Buss in Spain. There also are reports of a bizarre amateur video to be released at week`s end in which Bryant profanely lashes out at Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and teammate Andrew Bynum for passing up on a deal for Jason Kidd in which Kupchak was unwilling to give up Bynum. The videomakers reportedly have been attempting to sell the parking-lot video to various media outlets the past two weeks.

    It had been reported that Bryant repeated his desire to be traded in a posting on his Web site, over the weekend. Yesterday, however, it was revealed that item was a reposting of comments Bryant made in May, and the posting was gone from the Web site.

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    That's true. I was sure i read that same article at some time ago, and i was surprised to read it again yesterday and see it dated as june 17 or so. Si o did some researches and i was right. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Now that post was taken out from his website so just in case google will be recacheing the page soon, here it is again:
    June 12 :: 2007
    The Truth: A new road ahead

    Wassup y'all ...

    Man, today is one of those surreal days for me and my family. When you love something as much as I love the Lakers its hard to even imagine thinking about being elsewhere. But, the ONE THING I will never sacrifice when it comes to basketball is WINNING. That is plain and simply what it's all about. It's in my DNA. It's what pushes me to work as hard as I do. It's my daily passion and pursuit.

    The more I thought about the future, the more I became convinced that the Lakers and me just have two different visions for the future. The Lakers are pursuing a longer-term plan that is different from what Dr. Buss shared with me at the time I re-signed as a free agent. I have seen that plan unfold for the last three years and watched great trade opportunities come and go, and have seen free agents passed on. That has led to the Lakers not winning a playoff series. All of that was frustrating in itself, but then, this week to have someone "inside" the Laker organization try to blame me in the media for us not being a contender right now -- that is what brought me to my current position today.

    I want it to be clear that I still love, with all my heart, the Laker Legacy. From Mikan to West to Goodrich to Wilt to Kareem to Magic. That will never change. And the support my family and I have gotten from Lakers fans is undeniably the best. I will also always believe that.

    But, now there is a new road ahead. I am gonna keep grindin and keep workin to get back to competing for Championships. Sometimes the trek up the mountain is tough. But, I know we'll get there.

    Strength and Honor,
    As for the other part, did anyone saw that video or knows more about it?

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    i heard about it... but haven't seen it yet... i hope kobe comes here... hopefully we can keep lee and curry...

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