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    Default Paxson Says Lakers Have Not Contacted Bulls About Kobe

    Paxson Says Lakers Have Not Contacted Bulls About Kobe
    20th June, 2007 - 3:38 am
    Daily Herald -
    Bulls general manager John Paxson denied an ESPN report that the Lakers have contacted the Bulls regarding a possible trade for Kobe Bryant.

    While discussing Bryant’s situation on ESPNews, NBA analyst Ric Bucher said the Lakers “have talked to the Chicago Bulls .” Reached by e-mail late Tuesday, Paxson wrote that the report was not true.

    There have been rumors of a three-way trade involving Boston that would send Paul Pierce to Los Angeles, Bryant to the Bulls and unknown assets to the Celtics.
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    Good news then, you know Isiah's crazy ass is blowing up the Lakers fone right now.

    I believe Kobe in the east will get us in the Finals, just like how Lebron did. If Kobe doesn't in 3 years, we have nothing to lose really. We could trade Kobe for draft picks and and all star player, he'll be like 32 in 3 years still in his prme. So I believe we have nothing to lose on this team. If Kobe doesn't work out well in New York, we'll still have alot of value for him, and can get alot of young pieces back to rebuild again.

    I just hope Kobe brings that team attitude to New York and not that me me me bull****. Kobe should realize if he's playing in New York, he's not going to be playing with an elite roster, no Lamar Odom either.

    But I'm pushing for this deal, because its good for the Knicks, NYC, the NBA and basketball itself. NYC needs an elite player, they need to be in the playoffs, NBA needs the Knicks.

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    Man you can't believe anything you read now-a-days. ESPN news might as the Enquirer some times. I think the Lakers are going to make Bryant's life a living hell. They will hold on to him until he becomes a distraction to the team. Jerry Buss is clearly only concerned about ticket sales and even his daughter said Bryant is going nowhere. They're going to hold this guy hostage.

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    but the alternative is to lose Kobe for nothing in two years... with his no trade clause... i think Be is holding LA hostage and that Buss, Kupchack and co are trying to get the best value by denying the rumors...

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