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    Default Marc Stein has Zero Credibility

    Marc Stein has Zero Credibility. In his most recent article on ESPN Stein suggested that Garnett would be traded to ether Boston or Phoenix. This assumption is loosely based on recent talks that Danny Angie (Boston Celtics) had with the T-wolves front office and that according to Stein, Garnett and Nash have become friends from years of playing side by side in the all-star games. Where the article takes a horrible turn is when Stein suggests that Phoenix would use Marion as a bargaining chip for Garnet and that some how a Nash, Stoudemire, Garnet line up would coexist. At this point in my reading I realized that I had been duped. The first half of the story is all about Kobe, but keep in mind, there is no new news on Kobe. Stein offers nothing new. What Stein does know but didn't mention is that teams rarely trade their stars with in their same conference. That fact pisses all over Steins Phoenix scenario. This is another weak attempt to create news where there is non. This entire article could have been a paragraph long. (A small paragraph) No new news on Kobe, Lakers don't want to trade him, Angie talks to Wolfs about Garnett. End of story. But Mark couldn't do that. Mark the Magician is an expert in spin. The title suggests that there is actually a story here worth reading but there isn't. No news is no news Stein. Garnett may not be going to NY but he's not going to Phoenix or Boston ether. Angie would be coach of the year if he could pull that off.

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