!) Was the trade of Starks for Sprewell, and Oakley for Camby, a good trade while signing Kurt Thomas that offseason?

2) Was G.M. Ernie Grunfield wrong for punching Coach JVG in public for not giving Camby, Spree, and K-Thomas playingtime? Was it worth him getting FIRED?

3) The Knicks searched for players to surround around Patrick Ewing his entire career with the Knicks.
For the benetfit of getting Patrick Ewing a Championship Ring the Knicks got players like PG-Chris Childs, SG-Houston, SF-Sprewell, PF-Camby, PF-Johnson, PF-K-Thomas, C-Herb Williams.
So when PatricK Ewing Forced the Knicks Franchise into trading him that offseason after the Knicks went to the 1999 FINALS, that showed me that Ewing and Coach JVG messed this Knick team up just as much as DumLaydumb.

Isiah Thomas biggest talent is his eye for young talent. That's it.
G.M. Laydumb left Isiah Thomas 3/4 of a Knick roster that had ending contracts within the next 3 years (Laydumb roster took Isiah to his only Knick Playoffs). What did Isiah do with all those ending contract players within 3 years? and what did he get back in return?
I will give you a hint:
for Keith Van Horn he got Jalen Rose (buyout),
for Doleac he got Malik Rose,
For Mcdyess & Ward he got Marbury and Francis.

To be one of the best G.M. at picking first round draft picks it is amazing that Isiah Thomas actually gave up 4 years of first round draft picks to get Marbury & Curry (2007, 2006, 2004, and Sweetney the 2003).

Isiah Thomas Coaching performance this past season was the Pits.
He still dont have a Knick Starting-5 Unit other than Marbury & Curry who did not show much promise on complimenting each others talent in the last two seasons on either side of the court.

Somehow Isiah Thomas coaching decisions made the THREE Knick Players that should've Started all 82 games with Curry & Marbury catch season injuries at the start of the second half of the season (Crawford, Q.Rich, and David Lee)...